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MS430056 M54B30 Tune
#31 for V69 for v56

manual gearbox and swaps intended. i cant take into account drivabilities issues caused on auto gb or functions as torque limiters ,auto pilot etc. Interested in engine behaviour regarding power distribution.

(29.11.2019, 19:56)bartekldz Wrote: Hi everyone
This is my tune... I run this in E46 330i 5 speed smg. Mods in cars:
supersprint exhaust
piercross air filter

I dynotested 245hp and 320nm afr is 12,5-13,5. Run on 98pb. In file also cracklemap, thermostat mod. In my setup car on decel do fire Heart .

Try and report.

If u have any idea to do more power give me sugestions...

Bestregards Bartek

you can add fuel on top to about  17.3,and keep stock full load enrichtment( you lowered yours)
intake on last 2 rows, keep them stock ,exhaust needs a little more breathing -102 ~-101 was best on most of the runs
M54 engines delivers power better when they are hot - i recomend you to keep them hot,at least on lower revs with lower load to have a strong start point
disable antijerk completely
zero out the clutch switch ignition intervention
if you manipulate vanos for overlap ,you need to add that extra to _vo_ maps under the maf section

those are at a first quick look - the basics , and from my experience,on road, not on air (over dyno) they are not optimised.

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